Lin Ni, Wei Huang, Heshan Wang, et al. Pogonatherumol, a novel highly oxygenated norsesquiterpene and flavone C-glycosides from Pogonatherum crinitum. Journal of Chemistry, 2018

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A novel highly oxygenated norsesquiterpene, pogonatherumol (1), with two known flavone C-glycosides (2-3), was isolated from Pogonatherum crinitum. Te structure of the new compound was illuminated based on its spectroscopic data and X-ray analysis. Compounds 1 and 3 inhibited NO production in the mouse peritoneal macrophage (64.5±7.2% and 61.6±5.8%, respectively, at a concentration of 50μM). Te three compounds were inactive when tested against two human cancer cell lines.