Guohua Duan , Fangfang Zhan , Zhenguo Du , Simon Y.W. Ho, Fangluan Gao. Europe was a hub for the global spread of potato virus S in the 19th century[J] Virology

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Potato virus S (PVS) is a major plant pathogen that causes considerable losses in global potato production.Knowledge of the evolutionary history and spatio-temporal dynamics of PVS is vital for developing sustainable management schemes. In this study, we investigated the phylodynamics of the virus by analysing 103 nucleotide sequences of the coat protein gene, sampled between 1985 and 2014. Our Bayesian phylogenetic analyses showed that PVS has been evolving at a rate of 3.32 × 10 −4 substitutions/site/year (95% credibility interval 1.33 ×10 −4 –5.58 × 10 −4 ). We dated the crown group to the year 1325 CE (95% credibility interval 762–1743 CE). Our phylogeographic analyses pointed to viral origins in South America and identified multiple migration pathways between Europe and other regions, suggesting that Europe has been a major hub foPVS transmission. The results of our study have potential implications for developing effective strategies for the control of this pathogen.